Did You Know that Einstein’s Eyes Remain in a Safe Box in NYC

einstein1_7By: Rawa’ Alawi

Edited by: Jude Al Ghoule

You may or may not be aware of this fact, but when Albert Einstein died in 1955 his brain was removed to be studied. Approximately 20 years later it would be “rediscovered”, studied some more and then would be returned to Einstein’s granddaughter Evelyn. All in all one could say it makes a fun story and a semi-accomplishment for science.

Dr. Harvey sectioned the preserved brain into 170 pieces in a lab at the University of Pennsylvania, but he did not have permission or a legal right to remove and keep the brain for himself. Harvey didn’t only take the brain, but he also removed Einstein’s eyeballs and gave them to Henry Abrams; Einstein’s eye doctor. They remain to this day in a safe deposit box in New York City.

“Albert Einstein was a very important part of my life. A lasting influence” Abrams said during an interview on Thursday. “Having his eyes means the professor’s life has not ended. A part of him is still with me.”

“He’s not dead … because I have his eyes.” And if it isn’t already creepy imagining the two as best friends, it becomes downright insane when you read the last article and Abrams makes it clear that they were close friends.


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